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Hiking, delighting on the local gastronomy or just being in contact with nature are just some examples of what you can do at Casa del Ocejón.

Casa del Ocejón is located in the Sierra del Ocejón, a mountain range part of the eastern face of the Sierra de Ayllón, in the Natural Park of Sierra Norte de Guadalajara. The area is best known for its villages of black architecture, which gets its name for the use of slate as its main building material. Of these, Majaelrayo is the best sample.

Majaelrayo is surrounded by unique settings, peaks, waterfalls, creeks, swamps, prairies (Pico Ocejón, Campachuelo, Arroyo de la Dehesa, Cascadas del Aljibe, Pantano del Vado, Pradera del río Lillas, Hayedo de Tejera Negra). Among the main activities and services we provide at Casa del Ocejón you’ll enjoy:

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